Paroles Seeing For The Very First Time de Bebe Winans

Bebe Winans
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  • Artiste: Bebe Winans17539
  • Chanson: Seeing For The Very First Time
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Textes et Paroles de Seeing For The Very First Time

Is this your smile
Or is that sunlight through the trees
Was that your sigh
Or just a gentle breeze
Is this your voice
Rolling waves upon the sea

Is this a dream
Or can it be
That I'm seeing for the very first time

The rustling leaves
That bring your laughter all around
The dancing wind
Feet barely touching down
Is this a song
Or nature's perfect melody

Is this a dream
Or can it be
That I'm seeing for the very first time

Yes, time is on our side
And a seed, plated in love will grow
We're each a part of everything and everyone

Now is that my heart
Was that thunder with this rain
Was that a spark
Did you touch me once again
Are those my eyes
Or are you looking back at me
Is this a mircale
Can it be true
That its possible to make one heart of two

Is that a dream
I do believe, I do believe
That I'm seeing for the very first
Seeing for the very first
Seeing for the very first time.

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