Paroles Turning Tide de Bee Gees

Bee Gees
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  • Artiste: Bee Gees2683
  • Chanson: Turning Tide
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Textes et Paroles de Turning Tide

What would I say if you should turn away from me.
I do not know if there are words that I can see.
I only know that I
am reaching too high.
And who are we to touch the wind
and say our ship
is coming in
the turning tide?

Tell me the answer
in your changing mind,
changing mind.
I don't know
if love can last.

When time is gone
and we are on the roundabout,
would you still laugh
and be a clown
when love runs out?

Or will you say that I
am reaching too high?
And who are we
to touch the wind
and say our ship
is coming in
the turning tide?

And who are we
to touch the the wind
and say our ship
is coming in
the turning tide?

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