Paroles Not Even One de Believer

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  • Artiste: Believer4889
  • Chanson: Not Even One
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Textes et Paroles de Not Even One

[K. Bachman, J. Daub, D. Baddorf, H. Kraft]

No one is righteous, not even one
There is no one who understands
The Anointed One of God they shun

All born of flesh have turned away
Worthless together they have become
No one does what is right, all disobey

Blood sacrifice
Faith had begun
No one must die
Not even one

Their throats are open graves
Their tongues practice deceit
Ruin and misery mark their ways

The poison of vipers their lips outcry
Their feet are swift to shed blood
There is no fear of God before their eyes

A righteousness from God has been made known
Through the faith one has in Jesus Christ
Believing that His shed blood will atone

There is no difference for all have sinned
Falling short of the glory of the Lord
But redemption comes from Christ within

[Romans 3:9-37]

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