Paroles Clueless de Ben Folds Five

Ben Folds Five
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  • Artiste: Ben Folds Five21943
  • Chanson: Clueless
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Textes et Paroles de Clueless

Well I was walking down the wrong side of the streetJust to show you all what I don't likeAnd my mom put my shoes on the wrong feetA (?) body with an out-paced mindPull up track (?) but they cut their hair weirdWhen I was young I never carried on like thatYou in the back there, won't you stand up?Tell the rest of the world what you're laughing at.Cause you don't know what you get away withAnd you just laugh cause you'reCluelessSo daddy comes down from his big riding lawn mowerStarts ramblin' 'bout the good ol' daysSaid he had to walk 5 miles to schoolIt was snowing and it was uphill both waysEvery night then in the parking lotBreaking glass with a smile on their facesEvery year now off to collegeAnother batch of punks (folks?) takes their placesThey don't know what they can get away withAnd they just laugh 'cause they'reCluelessOh man don't you dig the gapBetween me and youThe gaps from here to hereAnd you don't hear what I doNo you don't.I was walkin' down the wrong side of the streetClueless geezers in a big white house thereAnd my mama put my shoes on the wrong feetHe oughta know he's wastin' his time.

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