Paroles Half Asleep de Ben Folds Five

Ben Folds Five
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  • Artiste: Ben Folds Five21943
  • Chanson: Half Asleep
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Textes et Paroles de Half Asleep

Half asleep
Half a billboard
Half a street
That's my window
All in all, if you want to know
I'm half asleep

Old friends and strangers
They treat me like a little girl
But not you dear, you are always here

Back in the black and white, the spotlight
And I smoked a packed house
And you were sitting pretty then
Just like you're doing now

I was something then
Or so they say
I coulda gone all the way
Like everything else
I did it half way

Half asleep
That's were the dreams and demons meet
Say, stop the laughter, dim the roar
This clown's not funny anymore

Like back when we'd trip the light
Out of sight
The band would play, I'd sing
My heart out for a drunken crowd
That didn't mean a thing
We were so in love, oh, I loved you so
That it seemed like an hour ago

And when I'm down and out
I try to figure out
What was it all about
What was it?
What do we do now
I don't want to take another breath

No keep talking, I'm still here
Don't let them take you away my dear

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