Paroles Both Sides Of The Gun de Ben Harper

Ben Harper
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  • Artiste: Ben Harper2908
  • Chanson: Both Sides Of The Gun
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Textes et Paroles de Both Sides Of The Gun

Living these days is making me nervous
archaic doctrine no longer serve us
now we're left as silent witnesses
we don't know quite what this is
other than a war that can't be won

i feel like i'm crowded, i can't get out
world keeps on filling me up with doubt
when you're trapped you got no voice
where you're born you got no choice
other than to go and take you some

one dimensional fool
in a three dimensional world

politics, it's a drag
they put one foot in the grave
and the other on the flag
systems rotten to the core
young and old deserve much more
than struggling every day until you're done

too much to mention
living on both sides of the gun

(Grazie a Gianky for these lyrics)

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