Paroles God fearing man de Ben Harper

Ben Harper
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  • Chanson: God fearing man
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Textes et Paroles de God fearing man

Listen mister brother sister
family and friend
I fear with each day pass
our time grows closer to the end

listen stranger passer by
and those I never knew
there's not one day that you are living
has been promised to you

I am a God fearing man
I'm a God fearing man
I reach out for my God's hand
I'm a God fearing man

listen mother sister brother
relatives and kin
you want to know just where you're going
you got to know where you've been

tell me what gives one the right
to say their God is better than anybody else
don't we all have a right
to find God for our self

I am a God fearing man
I'm a God fearing man
I reach up for my God's hand
I'm a God fearing man

when I rise with the morning sun
I give thanks to my God
for the gift of another one

and when my day is over
and complete
I reach to my God
to put me back on my feet

I am a God fearing man
I'm a God fearing man
I reach up for my God's hand
I'm a God fearing man

  "Fight for your mind [#13]"

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