Paroles Experimental Stage de Benediction

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  • Artiste: Benediction4918
  • Chanson: Experimental Stage
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Textes et Paroles de Experimental Stage

Clawed fingers forcing iron bars, visions of tortured misery.
Semi-human tears of frustrated rage, hunched up in this fuckin' cage.

My emotions are artificially induced. Though no further need to feel.
Now I've fabricated steel limbs, electro-pulses throb within.

Man made monster, morbid science.
Deaf to my feeble protests, I've served my purpose.

In my veins life fluid used to flow. Now drained and replaced.
With sedative substances, to restrain instinctive rage.

Man made monster, morbid science.
Deaf to my feeble protests, I've served my purpose.

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