Paroles Foetus Noose de Benediction

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  • Artiste: Benediction4918
  • Chanson: Foetus Noose
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Textes et Paroles de Foetus Noose

Cloying blackness, within the womb, unwanted child's fleshly tomb.
Umbilicus, a weaved choke, hung in time, frail neck is broke.

Aborted form's placenta shroud, writhe in untold fear.
Suffer not this child to live, awash in bitter tears.

Eternally they're cast in a sea of feculence.
Sound the flatline knell, bloodied noose, a cold embrace.

Salted out of life's chance, lost souls disarrayed.
What never was, can never be, grotesques we betrayed.

Mortal remains. Now just burning embers.
It cuts both ways, for all those dismembered.

Carbonized by fire, burning flames of hate.
Guilty in a blinkered court, destruction, child's play.

Beaten derewcts on the brink of death, there's no requiem.
Nothingness is what remains, no chance to live again.

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