Paroles Paradox Alley de Benediction

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  • Artiste: Benediction4918
  • Chanson: Paradox Alley
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Textes et Paroles de Paradox Alley

Thoughts through the window
Of my mind's eye
Bring another slice of terror
Yet away with my fears

I cross this pitiful world's end
Drawn to the mortification
With the creeping of my flesh
Arising lair of wounds
Inside sentient apostle
Pleasured in wreaking gore
A stenchland graveyard haunt
Amplify my horrors more

Cutting me, the fleshless surgeon
Drowning in his pain
Executed blindfold shroud
Senses all that die again

Nightmare at every turn
Delirious the spirits burn
Consuming mind and thought torn raw
Deafened by abysmal roar

Little sister's razor blades
Tear holes across your faith
Deafening hymn unholy ghost
Supplication to their whetstone host

Contradicting avatars stain the embryo unborn
Dripping walls, awash in fear
I'm dragged along the gallows field
Cancer tree is calling me
A place of bloated corpses
I'm in pain

Abducted in a maelstrom
No calm before the rage
Floating in a sea of filth
An undetermined age
Carrion for the skinless ones
Who trod the paths before
Bathing wounds in leprous tears
While screaming nevermore

The silence consuming
Wonders without end

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