Paroles Phlebotomized de Benighted

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  • Artiste: Benighted5808
  • Chanson: Phlebotomized
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Textes et Paroles de Phlebotomized

Lacerations, running blood as acid burns my veins from inside
Searching for the way to escape from this closed labyrinth
Exploring each part of organs, corroding it
In me there's no limit between dream and life
Anguish is so strong, pain so real
Deep-seated wounds have been made on my wrists
I cannot divert my glance from the sores,
Watching flow the sick blood.
Lacerate - evacuate - dominate - phlebotomized
Dominate the ignorance, blood everywhere
I spill blood eveywhere to empty my soul
Morbid paints on my body with the coulour of life, show me the way to follow
Awake from this dark witchery, from the insane delight
I have no feelings in my hands any more
My skin becomes grey and cold like an ancient stone
The conscience goes away from my orphaned mind
Cut the veins to lacerate, cut the veins to evacuate
Cut the veins to dominate.

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