Paroles Rum Runnin' de Benjamin Baker

Benjamin Baker
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  • Chanson: Rum Runnin'
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Textes et Paroles de Rum Runnin'

I went sailing on my pirate ship

Looking out for number one

I didn't know what I was searching for

But stealing booty sounded fun

I killed a man whod spent his life

seeking pleasure in the sun

but he told me with his dying breath

theres more to life than having fun

and i had

Rum Running through my bloodstream

captain sailing through the rain

in the ocean on my pirate ship

just chasing after the wind


So I bought a farm down in carribean

with the spoils that i won

I had more gold than the king of spain

growing sugar in the sun

drinking rum with the govoner

he shook my hand and i thought i'd won

but he told me

don't let money steal your life away

you can't spend it when your gone

and i had

rum running through my blood stream

captain sailing through the rain

in my mansion, a wealthy man

still chasing after the wind

so i went sailing on my merchant ship

looking for answers over there

i didn't know what i was searching for

but there was revolution in the air

i met a scholar and a wise old man

as he lay dying in the street

but all his knowledge didn't help him as

he shed his life blood on my feet

but i had rum running in my bloodstream

captain sailing through the rain

skilled in science and philosophy

just chasing after the wind....

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