Paroles Hellcult de Bewitched

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  • Artiste: Bewitched5296
  • Chanson: Hellcult
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Textes et Paroles de Hellcult

We desecrate, We violate,
We burn to book of lies
We feed our Hate, eternal Fate, soon He will arise
We gather in the Night, to sacrifice ad feast
We shall call the dead, We shall hail the Beast

We possess the powers to slain the son of god
We possess the powers, to make him choke in blood
We're the infernal legion that gorge upon Hellish lust
We chant the words of Satan,
We'll turn your god to dust

We open wide the gates, We unleash powers of Hell
We unlock the doors to where Evil Spirits dwell
We dance in rings of Fire to bring eternal War
We'll rape the infant jesus, molest that fuckin' whore

We summon up, in Blasphemy,
The true Nocturnal Lord
In His name We'll raise our swords,
and join His battlehorde
Our mission is to Desecrate,
and forever chime Death´s bell
We have gained immortality through our cult in Hell

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