Paroles Let The Blood Run Red de Bewitched

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  • Artiste: Bewitched5296
  • Chanson: Let The Blood Run Red
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Textes et Paroles de Let The Blood Run Red

[Thor, Zazzi]
[Motor Music / Leosong Publishing]

Double Trouble Stranger, the dogs of doom howl low
I see them over my shoulder,
they're comin' at my back
I draw my Mighty Hammer, I swing as they attack

Let the Blood Run Red, let them all be dead
All those who oppose the Metal Avenger
Look them in the eyes, knock them down to size
No one must oppose the Metal Avenger

Who dares to fight the Avenger, the pile of bodies grow
I see them in the distance, they're comin' at each side
I swing my Mighty Sword, till all of them subside

How can I tell you I'm better than you
Just look at my fist and see what I do!

Double Trouble Stranger, the Battle takes it's toll
I see them over my shoulder,
they're comin' at my back
I raise my Mighty Hammer and slam as they attack

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