Paroles Rise Of The Antichrist de Bewitched

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  • Artiste: Bewitched5296
  • Chanson: Rise Of The Antichrist
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Textes et Paroles de Rise Of The Antichrist

[Music and lyrics by Vargher]

Burning winds, raging flames of Hell
Demonic Evil is on the rise
I'm here to slay
He's come to reign
Lord of Evil, damnation is near
Jehovah weeps as his creation sears

The spawn of Satan growing stronger and fierce
Demonic forces mock Jehovah's tears
I'm here to slay
He's come to reign
Burning winds of blasphemy
Seals the death of Christianity

Rise of the Antichrist
The demise of the feeble Christ
Rise of the Antichrist
Ends Jehovah's lies

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