Paroles The Song For Satan de Big Boss

Big Boss
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  • Artiste: Big Boss425
  • Chanson: The Song For Satan
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Textes et Paroles de The Song For Satan

Oh, Satan, you ruler of the world
my love for you is quite unshakeable
my faith in you is unchangeable
I want to have turned cross on my grave
Your picture is branded in my heart
in my heart that is yours forever
when you visit me at night sometime
Pentagram will glare like fire-flies
In the name of yours I coursed cathedrals and churches
Lucifer himself took my soul
I burnt the bible and all similar trash
and devote my body to you
I see I'm yours, a property of your sons
and I look forward to your Paradise of Fire
Only by faith in you I'll make up for my blame
Then I'll go on to the verge of an Abyss
When hearing Black Mass I am always proud
You've taken me as your apprentice
What no science can manage today
you have known for a very long, long time
When I put my hands to the centre of Pentagram
and my soul begins to tramble
Then you will see I'll never disappoint You
That I will love You - FOREVER !

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