Paroles Catastrophe de Big Boy

Big Boy
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  • Artiste: Big Boy31881
  • Chanson: Catastrophe
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Textes et Paroles de Catastrophe

A little boy at the age of seven
Wished to go straight to heaven
But his mother gave him a kiss
And told him what a warrior is
He had seen his demons and
Every sign his angel sent

Don't mess with me
'Cause I will always be
The property of the heavenly
Fahter son and holy spirit
Don't threaten me
'Cause I won't even hear it
The best of me my enemy
He loves me endlessly

A young man decided to be true to
All the things he was supposed to do
So he spent every day and night
Only to learn how to play them right
Given birth to boy he decided
That the room should be called private

Enough I'm yours
Enough you're mine
I have wasted too much time
Enough you love me
Enough you're above me
I have never been so free
Enough you know me
Enough you show me
This life is just meant to be

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