Paroles Hail The Big Boy de Big Boy

Big Boy
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  • Artiste: Big Boy31881
  • Chanson: Hail The Big Boy
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Textes et Paroles de Hail The Big Boy

i'm so in love with myself
like you will never be
i'm not afraid of your hate
nor of your jealousy

look into my face look into my face baby - i kept my dignity
look into my eyes look into my eyes baby - 'cause i'm reality

hail hail the big boy
hail hail the big boy
hail hail the big - big boy big boy
hail hail the big boy
hail hail the big boy
hail hail the big big boy big boy

everywhere i go
the people know that i'm the chosen son
now the time has come
to hail the one that you can not become

you're just a pretty face
i will not waste my days
to cheat myself like you do

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