Paroles At Least We Dreamed de Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob Thornton
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  • Chanson: At Least We Dreamed
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Textes et Paroles de At Least We Dreamed

At least we dreamed
and we let each other dance
At least it seemed
that we gave ourselves a chance

At least we tried
when the nights got longer
We never lied
when the questions got stronger

We gave it all
when there was nothin' left to give
When we heard the call
we always went there and lived


We took a chance
and we opened every door
We stole a glance
but it was taken back in scores

We always tried our best
but we usually made a mess
We tried to clean it up
but we missed a spot I guess

The stars shone down
and we took in all the light
The light went round and round
'til it took away our sight

But At least we dreamed

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