Paroles Do God Wop de Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob Thornton
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  • Chanson: Do God Wop
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Textes et Paroles de Do God Wop

My bones are starting to show through
My eyes are dark and hollow
It's all because I'm missing you
It's getting hard for me to swallow

If magic doesn't really come
Why did you say you did
If its just a fantasy for some
What do I tell the kids

Dear God, I come to you in all humbleitude
As a representative for the children
Yes, they're the ones who aksed me to come to you
And talk to you about this particular subject
That subject being that little saying you gave us
When we were in bible school at Camp Tanaco
Aks, and you shall receive

Now, what we aksed for was
Can you please just tell us what the fuck's goin' on?
Does magic really come?
I don't mean to be irreverant, or anything like that
I wouldn't dare, would I?
But you see I'm standing here at Dub Ballard's Frosty Freeze
At the corner of Hwy 67 and Solinberger Street
The home of a lovely girl with a poodle haircut named Cindy.
To whom I gave one cleat, a football cleat,
Because I couldn't afford the fifteen that the doctor's sons could.

You see, we're kind of lost out here, God
I've got this fucking snow-cone in my hand and its dripping down
And we're wondering, since you're kind of a doctor of the universe
Could you give us a little cream or something for that
Could you just help us out a smidgen?
Kinda lookin' for a clue
I mean not in the mystery sense, not in the Humphrey Bogart sense
But just in the sense that we want to know what to do
When we wake up in the morning and our heart is beating
Out of our fucking chest
And it hurts

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