Paroles Pieces Of A Man de Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob Thornton
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  • Chanson: Pieces Of A Man
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Textes et Paroles de Pieces Of A Man

The burning of that first cigarette
Is enough to make me halfway forget
That there's no place where I feel at home
I guess that I was just born to roam

Buses, trains and other people's cars
Are the means by which I gaze at the stars
Loose change from strangers here and there
Gives me a little hope that someone cares

Sure I'm an able bodied man
People think I should work and that I can
But it's not my hands that put me in a bind
It's a problem the Good Lord gave my mind

I've cried, believe me
I've begged madness to leave me
Like anyone I didn't ask to be born
But I'm here anyway
And I'm one of those who is torn
In pieces
Pieces of a man

If I could choose to change, I would, God knows
But my thoughts go where the cold wind blows
They say give credit where credit is due
I've never had any credit, so I don't feel like they do

Who knows why some are broken from the start
I guess the rules are made up by someone who's smart
If that's the case I wish they'd figure us out
And tell us where to go and what it's all about


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