Paroles H.F.F.K. de Biohazard

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  • Artiste: Biohazard4003
  • Chanson: H.F.F.K.
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Textes et Paroles de H.F.F.K.

[Feat. Phil Anselmo of Pantera]

Hate, fuck , fight, kill
We teach our children how to act in this world by living what they see on TV.
Murder, rape war, disease, the rules of society


A race of murderers with no remorse and no respect for humanity,
We wonder why our children kill hate and lie, with no responsibility


Take it back yo you better listen-I'm on a mission, I'll tell you what your missin,
It's time to start living in reality so fuck the world before the world fucks me
Fuck the world for fuckin me


We live so many days of our selfish live making money by whatever means
For sex, drugs, our sadistic needs we live and die so selfishly


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