Paroles Loss de Biohazard

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  • Artiste: Biohazard4003
  • Chanson: Loss
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Textes et Paroles de Loss

Not even for a second when he wake up did he ask
If today was gonna be his last
An average day in the middle of a life
Terminated by a sharp knife
Killing, spilling the liquid blood
As his boyz found him lying face down in the mud
You might say this song is in poor taste
But I must discuss the waste

[Chorus I:]

Of lives of friends that I have lost
Who pays the price, who pays the cost
Can't cry, just anger till the end
It burns inside to lose a friend

Walking thin lines, anything to cop a dime
Labelled habitual, a loser three times
Just fucking' around, knuckles bloody to the bone
Whatever, the future's unknown
Unless you believe in predestination of fate
The letter read termination
It was fucked up I couldn't make out his face
Through the blod, what a fucking waste

[Chorus I]

[Chorus II:]

My friend was there until the end (my friend)
Can never be replaced
The pain that I taste (It's over)
What a fucking waste

[Chorus I]

Cold blooded murder, suicide, another body laid to rest
Untimely demise, homicide, my faith is put to the test
Is there a god, sometimes I just can't believe
My friend who is dead was shot and then robbed
Something quite hard to conceive
People dying everyday there's got to be a better way
The losses blow my mind away, the stain of blood will always stay
Like the memory of a friend who stood with me until the end
The losses blow my mind away, the stain of blood will always stay

[Chorus I]


It's not for me that I grieve, but for the families left berieved
I question whether life is fair, I wonder if I even care
We think we know what life is worth until they lower us beneath
the earth
Mother crying, forever hurt, my face like stone I shavel dirt

[Chorus II]

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