Paroles Unified de Biohazard

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  • Artiste: Biohazard4003
  • Chanson: Unified
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Textes et Paroles de Unified

[Feat. Roger Miret of Agnostic Front]

a word to the wise, everything seems so contrived
I feel paralyzed, like my spirit has died
On the inside, looking for a brother to confide
Keep you lies to the side, be like "do or die"
DOWN FOR LIFE with our people, yes that shit is real
Only mother fuckers who know the real deal
You pick the wrong side, "you that shit is suicide"
Me and my brothers are unified
Throw your fist up, gimme some more
Are you raw? Hardcore, are you ready for war?
To our people who are real, we'll fight till we die,
We are the crew, unified

Everybody's gonna do what they got to do
To die for the crew, always down to see each other through
Representing to the fullest with my feet on the ground
When we say that we're down, we're not fuckin' around!
To the jealous motherfuckers who try to talk shit
You'll never say it to my face, you don't wanna get hit
If you aint with us, you're against us, ...ask those who have died
We are the crew, ...we are unified


All for one, one for all, unite and conquer, heed the call
Can you feel it? Deep inside, unified

It's like I wanna unify us all, and tear down the walls
I wanna blow up the white house, and the shopping malls
With our army of four, add a illion more
Fuck religion all the world will worship hardcore
And bow down a kneel before the power and might
And witness our tribal ceremony tonight
When we move the crowd, I feel something inside
You can never deny, we are unified


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