Paroles Save Me de Biomechanical

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  • Artiste: Biomechanical32532
  • Chanson: Save Me
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Textes et Paroles de Save Me

[Verse 1:]
Empty spaces
all filled
with nothing but my fears
Silence in me
my life, my destiny

keep me awake
I can't
go through this dream again
Hear my calling
Straight through the void of my soul

[Verse 2:]
I am there
I feel - I hear
sounds of abysmal fear
shutting my eyes won't help
I see straight through my flesh

Infect the fragments of my past
Floating around me
Is the life I've never had

Save me from this living nightmare
Save me from a life without an end

Hate me for whatever hurts you
But please don't let your self go

[Verse 3:]
Way in Way out
It seems
One and the same to me
Visions of hope
A rope
that is tightening in my neck

Revive the fragments of my past
Floating around me
Is the life I've never had

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