Paroles Do What You Want de Black Eyed Peas

Black Eyed Peas
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  • Chanson: Do What You Want
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Textes et Paroles de Do What You Want

Start it up and load it
We about to unfold it
Bring that dynamite baby coz tonight we about to explode it
Get moving, moving, get your body grooving
[Do what you want] [2x]

Here goes another mighty blow that change your soul forever
When the music hits you, you will feel no pain except for pleasure
We put it on you, we're from California la la-la-la-la
Los Angeles natives creating things that take you higher

Elevate you past the stars
Infiltrating clubs and bars
End this now and act a fool
If your loss is what to do
Bounce, shake, wiggle and break
Let yourself go, open up the gates
And proceed the stampede


Hello, it's me F-E-R-G-I-E that's Fergie baby
In the place to be with BEP we keep it locked and sturdy
We always rocking never stopping no la-la-la la-la-la la
We keep it constant shocking often from lost in the post and

It's T-to-the-A, B-double-O
Tab magnetic, rocking this show
Taking over beat when sees frequent
On the radio, it's the delinquent
Coz Tabby nimble, Tabby quick
Watch the girls falling over Taboo's stick
I watch it like that, and I watch it like this
You can't catch it and it's something that you can't miss


Do what you want [4x]

Mayday, no delay, deliver the rhyme
Express rate, next day, get there on time
Make way for the mash out, when we roll out
My crew, we don't fall out, we just pass out
[Wake up] Time to get moving
Time to get the body live, body live moving
Party powerful flows, the way we rocking them show
The way we spittin' the rhymes and break it on down to the floor
Break, bounce, boogie and wiggle it
Do it, now, time to get into it
Break, bounce, do what you feel
Do what you want and let it all out

[Oh, just do what you want today, coz it's OK
To leave responsibilities sometimes]

Start it up and load it
We about to unfold it
Bring that dynamite baby coz tonight we about to explode it
Get moving, moving, get your body grooving
[In ignorance] [2x]

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