Paroles Blind Messiah de Blackdeath

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  • Artiste: Blackdeath32540
  • Chanson: Blind Messiah
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Textes et Paroles de Blind Messiah

The end of times
Is the triumph of decadence
Tired people
Wait for help from the heaven
With hope and entreaty
They look up
And the father of lights
Sends his messiah to the earth

Messiah must punish
Unfaithful ones and favour pious ones
Glory to some
And disdain to other in his power
But the lights of his father
Blinded him
Black light
Has ruled the maimed celestial

Messiah with a scythe in his hands
Descended from the heaven by night
Eternal night for the blind messiah
Eternal night has set in for the waiting people

Everyone is equal to the blind one
In the name of god scytheman mows
The human herd down
The scythe falls upon people
In answer to their prayers
Children and murders,
Priests and violators
Are dying together

Now the earth is empty
And doesn't resound with human voices
Only the mountains of corpses
And bloody rivers are here
The mission is completed
But something has remained
Heaven waits
For the blind messiah with his scythe

The dead won't wonder at bloody rain

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