Paroles Erection of Seven Towers Of Satan de Blackdeath

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  • Artiste: Blackdeath32540
  • Chanson: Erection of Seven Towers Of Satan
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Textes et Paroles de Erection of Seven Towers Of Satan

Seven peaks of satanic power
seven gates of godless hell

By power and fire you fettered the world
all earth is your foundation
the face of moon is seen from your tops
you are so old, you are so great.

O seven towers of Satan!

Dead warriors for whom war will never end
Hungry demons for whom the fire is eternal
they wait for your command to blast the peace

O seven towers of Satan!

Seven peaks of satanic power
Seven gates of godless hell
Dark arch from niger to ural
Poles of evil which remember the future

Power doesn't stop growing
Hagseeds raise from the holes
Light is sucked in by
Seven towers of Satan

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