Paroles Return From Lilith's Cunt de Blackdeath

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  • Artiste: Blackdeath32540
  • Chanson: Return From Lilith's Cunt
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Textes et Paroles de Return From Lilith's Cunt

In the land of dreams I found
Lilith, so lustful one.

Her vagina is my aim,
Her cunt is on head

I tear vulva, I penetrate.
Into a core of Lilith

I am seized with fear
And delight of Death

The King and the Queen hold.
The table of the law

They give Me the Law
I fly...

The devil's eye watches me from dark
My own dream is myself
I don't exist on any level
or maybe world vanished around

My new birth through the long row
Of incarnations is tormenting exit
Now I am
My number is
Six Six Six

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