Paroles The Hunger Of Possession de Blackdeath

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  • Artiste: Blackdeath32540
  • Chanson: The Hunger Of Possession
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Textes et Paroles de The Hunger Of Possession

It steals up invisible from beyond
And pounces as swift as an arrow
It tears my mind to pulsatile pieces
And leaves no time to choose and think

It exhausts me till heart failure
And turns my sense inside out
It devours me implacably from within
And now we are the whole and need one another

The possession brought the dark irritation with it
And all the world was painted in black
The dreadful void formed inside me
And it excited the hunger of demonic legion

The hunger that burns down all human in me
And aims to shoot out into this world
The mad hunger that knows no satiation
And now I must gulp down all that meets my eye

Possessed by callousness
Possessed by lust
Possessed by madness
Possessed by hunger

My void hunts every kind of vitality
Both flesh and soul are my desired prey
I need blood and fluids without any distinction
One by one my victims dissolve in me

The hunger that doesn't suffer from guilt
Uncontrolled passion that controls me
The hunger that blind and all-seeing
The feeling that doesn't permit to feel anything

Calm your shiver and hold out me your hand
Don't be afraid of me: I'll give you the nothing
The everlasting and boundless nothing
There you'll have nothing to fear

The mad hunger that knows no satiation
We are the whole and need one another
I must gulp down all that meets my eye
All the world is painted in black

"We'll tear your soul apart"
[Pinhead from "Hellraiser"]

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