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Blake Babies
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  • Chanson: Take Me
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Textes et Paroles de Take Me

I'm gonna' be cruisin' the coast, drinking my pop.
I'm gonna' be kissin' all the girls, I'm gonna' be, I'm gonna' be singing
all the rock.

I know you are all that's true,
'Cause I'm feeling fine all the time.
Turn me over now
In a blessed state.
Awaken my fate.

Take, me take me, I will go anywhere you be.
To the stars or far below, you know what I mean.

You bring me up with lots of luck.
Like I'm feeling fine, most of the time.
I'll close my eyes and jump
To a blessed state.
Awaken my fate.

Take, me take me, I will go anywhere you be.
To the stars or far below, give it to me please

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