Paroles Reach For The Horizon de Blaze

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  • Artiste: Blaze4967
  • Chanson: Reach For The Horizon
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Textes et Paroles de Reach For The Horizon

In every way the wish went wrong
The gift was tainted by science fact
Their minds were changed, a brother born
A perfect new born little man

Some they lose when they are born
With a less than perfect code
Others dreaming of the stars
Never feeling ice or cold

Doomed to be mediocre or nothing at all
Doomed a part of the background as plain as the wall

Reach, reach out, reach out for the horizon
Reach, reach out, reach out, reach for the stars

Society includes the rules
To exclude and invalidate
This ladder can not be climed
By the god child degenerate

Has he got just what it takes
To go and take just what he wants
To find the strength, to get the place
The place he feels that he belongs

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