Paroles Stranger To The Light de Blaze

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  • Artiste: Blaze4967
  • Chanson: Stranger To The Light
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Textes et Paroles de Stranger To The Light

As I walk in shadows I feel the darkness grow
Fading to the distance the world I used to know
From this single moment belief in all this grows
Towards the final secret a new dimension I must know
(As I walk in shadows I feel the darkness grow)
This time with God deep inside I will brush away the sand
And I'll see his one true face, will I recognise it?
Already I have answers but will I realise?
Are all these days of darkness leading to my grave?
Oh-oh-oh a stranger to the light
Oh-oh-oh a stranger to the light
Facing the stranger
Nature's true reality I will find and you will see
Yesterday's future can change faith is all I need
Faith in darkness and in light
Path of dreams has saved my sight
They have tried to hide this hide it with their lives
Oh-oh-oh a stranger to the light
Oh-oh-oh a stranger to the light
Facing the stranger
Your freedom is here, freedom is here
In the tenth dimension

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