Paroles The Brave de Blaze

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  • Artiste: Blaze4967
  • Chanson: The Brave
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Textes et Paroles de The Brave

Never get close to the flame because the flame it can burn
Better to not play the game than never to win at your turn
Better to be on your own than trust a friend might betray
Better not follow a dream - they don't come true anyway

Play to win not scared to lose
Walk the path you choose

Fortune favours the brave
Risking it all again and again
Fortune favours the brave
Fall after fall they climb up again

Ignore the doubt and the fear, traitors to all you believe
Now that you're getting so near, still they just try to deceive
Taking it risk at a time, trying to live every day
Trying to know your own mind, never to care what they say

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