Paroles Demoniser DCLXVI de Blinded Colony

Blinded Colony
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  • Artiste: Blinded Colony5242
  • Chanson: Demoniser DCLXVI
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Textes et Paroles de Demoniser DCLXVI

Once again I've seen the dead red sky
The burning blood in my eyes is my excuse
A tragic devotion for you
A memory torn asunder by flames

My becoming is my remain
The darkest creation constructed in veins
A distant euphony which attract the monostry in me
An asphyxia of my souls last remains

A souls decay,
Fragments falling apart
Ripped to pieces
By your blame

Tortured by excistense
An atrocity of everything holy
Decline me of my darkness
Arise demon, arise!

A souls decay,
Fragments falling apart
Ripped to pieces
By your blame

The immortal remains of my former life,
devote themselves into a tribute to chaos
Open the gates to burning eternity
Were those of my kind dwell
The stains on my body reveals my chains of burdon
What is claimed is forgotten

The reflection of malice has faded
Behold my deprivation of life

A souls decay,
Fragments falling apart
Ripped to pieces
By your blame

I disguise myself as a human
I'm only one of an infected race

Demoniser 666!

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