Paroles (Can I) Find The Right Words (to Say) de Blondie

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  • Artiste: Blondie3190
  • Chanson: (Can I) Find The Right Words (to Say)
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Textes et Paroles de (Can I) Find The Right Words (to Say)

Look up the right words
The ones for today
And use them correctly
And mean what I say
Answer the questions
Crossword confession
Interrogation<a href="">Testi Canzoni</a>
I'm down, can we meet
Is it true, do you cheat?
How far can I go?
How much do you know?
What's the definition?
How much did she mention?
How much does she know?
Can I find the right words to say?
The right words are so hard to say

It's a challenger puzzle
From the magazine section
Across with the questions
Do the ethics of reference
One hundred twenty brain teasers to torment you
One hundred thoughts
I can't find the right words to say
My meaning's not quite getting through
The right words are so hard to say
Can I find the right words for you?

Let's not hedge our bets
'Cause the odds are dependent
Please listen instead
Now the whispers are ending
The point's misleading
As points often do
Can I find the right words for you?

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