Paroles Stay Put! de Blood Arm (The)

Blood Arm (The)
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  • Chanson: Stay Put!
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Textes et Paroles de Stay Put!

Yeah I lay down some fucking hits!

Ah ha ah ha ha
Well I told you before when I was young and obscure
It takes more than an ocean to keep me ashore
It's the curse of the 21st century mind and leaves the mothers upset and the planets aligned

Ha ha
there we are You're so bad Hotel

Now that you're older and oh so demure you're looking for a sickness
Oh let's see if I cure so
Take me to your house again
I am calling just to find a friend over the furniture, intimate chats (or chaps)

Wild move you're just child love
It's the question to the answer that I'm thinking of

She is never going to get me down x2
Let me hear that sound!

Rolling through the allees with action of vengeance
Looking for the perfect bash and affair she says take me to your house again
I promise to be out by 10
The Porches are lit when the clock strikes 11
wild love you're just a child love
That's just a question to the answer that I'm thinking of ha
You're just the question to the answer that I'm thinking of
She's murder
Never going to get me down x 2
But she's never going to get me down
Oh no she's never going to get me down x3
Never never never never

All that I m saying
Stay with me play well x 4
Cause you know
It is a horror show
Oh no
Cause I don't booggy no more
It is called love

Come on come on x2 baby
Let me know there's a chance to stay
i try try try try to (hang on)(?)

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