Paroles Mandatory Homicide/Death Inc. de Blood Red Throne

Blood Red Throne
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  • Artiste: Blood Red Throne5353
  • Chanson: Mandatory Homicide/Death Inc.
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Textes et Paroles de Mandatory Homicide/Death Inc.

Decapitated with a shotgun
Pieces of Meat
Drawn from blood
While raped with a stunn gun
Massive bone fracture
Mandatory homicide
Kill with pleasure

An orgy in blood
Blood orgy!!!
Bring forth the gun
And aim between the eyes
Ignore the fear, show no mercy
Pull the trigger - again and again

Death is underrated, you should try it sometime

Mandatory Homicide - Death is underrated
Mandatory Homicide - You should try it sometime
Mandatory Homicide - You cannot escape
Mandatory Homicide - Death will fuck you anyway

We are unlisted but you know the score
Manslaughter, we live for gore
There`s beauty in a slit wrist as in suicide
Still you are puppets of the preachers lie
You die to live but we live to die
Mandatory homicide
Kill with a smile

Mandatory Homicide - Death Inc.
Mandatory Homicide - Death Inc.
Mandatory Homicide - Death Inc.
Mandatory Homicide - Death Inc.

Kill with a smile

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