Paroles F.U.B.A.R de Bloodshoteye

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  • Artiste: Bloodshoteye5810
  • Chanson: F.U.B.A.R
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Textes et Paroles de F.U.B.A.R

So you need a shoulder to cry on
Don't fucking look at me
I hate, I despise, I cannot stand you
Are a god damned disease
I am not your friend I am your worst enemy
You went behind my back now I want to see you bleed
You tried to take it away from me
But I took it right back from you
Now I won't let you get away with this
You will never get away with this
Don't say you're sorry when you're not
You never thought twice about all of this
You're going to pay for what you did
I will make sure that you fucking pay
Do you think anyone would notice
If you disappeared
Do you think anyone would care
If you weren't here
My minds telling me that no one
Could give two fucking shits
My minds telling me that I
Can get away with this
You're next on my list
You going down you are next on my fucking list
Its time for me to play god
Its time to put an end to your life
You really have no other choice
You're about to crossover
Walk over that final line
Dont bother to scream no one will hear
No one has ever listened to you
I laugh in your face, spit in your face
I feel no remorse over this
I told you you'd pay for what you did
So what are you doing here still alive
Its time for death, bloodstains in red
What is it like to see yourself dead
What is it fucking like
to see yourself dead
You must not have understood the words that I said
and I really meant
No you didn't, fucking look at you
Drowning in your own tasteless pool of blood
Begging and pleading for me not to pull the trigger of this gun
Too Bad, too fucking bad for you bitch
You are the next victim on my hitlist

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