Paroles Text Bomb de Blueline Medic

Blueline Medic
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  • Artiste: Blueline Medic25028
  • Chanson: Text Bomb
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Textes et Paroles de Text Bomb

Those little characters. On that little screen. Those little atom bombs she loves to leave. At the accident. Hey, who's playing stretcher-bearer? I saw you down there on scene. Bet she scared you. How could anyone keep having such a bad run? It's to her credit that these embarrassments come off smooth and clean. After all, she can cut together anything. 'Cause she's honed to razors. She's got a splice on every frame. The trauma's significant and best when on a magnificent stage. Now I don't want to cause a fight. We're all at some disposal when she's at some device. How could anyone keep up with her idea of having fun? Yeah it's just as you read these embarrassments. These letters. On that little screen. Those little messages she has to leave. The little characters. I think she's playing with you. 'Cause when a star collapses she knows the rest of the world will rush down to the scene. So roll the credits. We can cut together anything. Watch your edits. Make sure you don't miss anything

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