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  • Artiste: Blues Traveler8536
  • Chanson: Love & Greed
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Textes et Paroles de Love & Greed

I want to tell you about something special
I want to tell you what makes men need
I think I'm talking 'bout what we all get into
I think I'm talking 'bout love & greed

You can take it anyway but take it at your own speed
'Cause you wouldn't be the first to fall to love & greed

A man in love gonna take to wanting
A greedy man gonna do the same
One is a man before congratulations
One gonna make you feel the need to blame

You say there's a difference but look once again
When you're living on the tastes of a different man
Love and greed are one and the same

A man in love willing to walk through fire
A greedy man like a moth to a flame
A man in love willing to go half crazy
A greedy man likely to go insane

You can take it anyway but take it at your own speed
'Cause you wouldn't be the first to fall to love & greed

So the trap's been set and you've took the bait
You saw it all go down just a little too late
But now you're hooked and to your surprise
You saw how some of it was real and some was lies
But you're in too deep 'cause you care too much
And there's never been a cure for that as such
You could see prison bars or call it home sweet home
But like it or not you're no longer alone

A man in love don't know what he's doing
A greedy man always says he does
A man in love sold his soul up the river
That's where a greedy man's soul always was

You can take it anyway but take it at your own speed
'Cause you wouldn't be the first to fall to love & greed

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