Paroles My Whole Family Thinks I'm Gay de Bo Burnham

Bo Burnham
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  • Chanson: My Whole Family Thinks I'm Gay
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Textes et Paroles de My Whole Family Thinks I'm Gay

Everytime i go to dinner
it seems like im getting a little bit thinner
I'll sit down at the breakfast table
i can talk, but theyre not able
When i look at them i find
there's a single question on their mind.
i wish it could go back to the way it was
its not easy no because...

My whole family thinks im gay
i guess its always been that way.
Maybe its cause of the way i walk,
that makes them think that i like...boys

The goddamn question just wont go away
cause i get asked every single day
but the way they ask it is no disguise,
like How was your day? Do you like to kiss guys?
This is the worst, baby this was my fear
Now their opinions are crystal clear.

My whole family now is shocked,
I'm in the closet and the door is locked.
Now my glory days are gone,
I was John Elway now im Elton John.

My whole family now suspects,
That watching spongebob had side-effects.
But im not gay and thats what i said,
If i'm gay then god strike me dead.

Just cause i go to an all-guys school,
Doesnt mean Justin Timberlake makes me drool.
When I go outside, what do i see?
The clouds in the sky spell F-A-G

I think that God might think im gay,
What does he know anyway.
My grandma gave me a present just last year,
and the card said, Happy Birthday queer!

My whole family thinks im fab
There's a guys butt, hey bo, take a stab!
Why doesn't he get women, theres no other way,
Its cause I'm lanky, not cause i'm gay.

Just cause I'm afraid of the snow,
Or my favorite color is, the rainbow.
I dont mean to yell but i fear i must,
Cause I'm losing the people that i thought i could trust.

Even my boyfriend thinks im gay...just kidding

You all probably think I'm gay,
Man this song is counterproductive...
la la la la la...

Cause my whole family thinks I'm gay,
What am i suppose to say?
Baby you gotta see right through the haze,
Easy-Bake oven was just a phase.

My whole family thinks i'm queer,
That is all i ever hear,
But ive been as straight as a ramp,
If you dont count Bible camp

(Thanks to Thomas for these lyrics)

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