Paroles Ooh Baby de Bo Diddley

Bo Diddley
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  • Artiste: Bo Diddley25066
  • Chanson: Ooh Baby
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Textes et Paroles de Ooh Baby

(Whoa-ooh baby, I love you)
Ooh baby I love you, yeah
(Whoa-ooh baby, I love you)
Ooh baby I love you
Wait a minute!
You know my woman told me, she said,
"Bo Diddley, I love you, but I'm leavin'"
I said, "What?"
She said, "I love you but I'm leavin' you"
And I said, "Baby?"
And she kept sayin', "Whoa baby, I love you"
What you say, girl?
(Whoa-ooh baby, I love you)
Ooh, I love you
Ooow! Somethin' wrong here someplace
(Whoa-oh baby, I love you)
Wait a minute!
She said, "Here's the key to all of your locks,
take my name off of your mailbox
Here's the key to your Cadillac,
I got my own parked right out back"
I said, "What?"
There somethin' wrong here
And she kept talkin' 'bout
I love you
(Whoa-ooh baby, I love you)
Fellas, let me tell you somethin'
Ha, ha, ha
Wow! Woo, somethin' wrong
(Whoa-oh baby, I love (need) you
Wait a minute!
Let me tell you what else she told me
She said, "You know one thing, Diddley
I got all my bags packed,
in the middle of the dining room floor
I'm all packed and ready to go"
I said, "But baby, whoa baby
Baby, baby"
And then she told me
she said, "Got my own place,
with some brand new lock
I'm gonna tell the mailman,
I got a brand new box"
I said
(Whoa-oh baby, I love you)
"Woo you ain't
are you?"
There's somethin' wrong some place
She kept talkin' 'bout
"Ooh baby, (I want you, I love you)
(I need you)
(I love you) I love you
(I love you)

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