Paroles Twilight de BoA

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  • Artiste: BoA4231
  • Chanson: Twilight
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Textes et Paroles de Twilight

Your word and my word and your word is
Tomorrow, today and yesterday
But it's a necessary evil
And you will find your way there

Your feelings and mine are all holy and
You give me an inner sanctity
You feel the same way that I do for you, about her

Your word and my word and her word is
Yesterday, today and tomorrow
And twilight gives me
An inner sanctity

And you're feeling
And you're hungry for her
And you don't understand it
But you know you haven't planned it

Your feelings and mine are all lonely
And dawn comes you're there lying with me
And you reach out to touch me
But I am in the twilight

Your feelings and mine are all holy but,
You know and I know it's untrue because
When day dawns you're there lying with me
And the dawn can fly away

And you know I love you but you know that
There's nothing you can do about it
Because you love her,
And you still want me

If I could be her...
But I'm not her and she's not me
And you're somewhere different
On a different planet

And you still want it
The inner sanctity
And it's an evil
But the evil is necessary

And you're still hungry for her
And you still want her loving
But she doesn't love you

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