Paroles Tightrope de Bob Seger

Bob Seger
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  • Artiste: Bob Seger4238
  • Chanson: Tightrope
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Textes et Paroles de Tightrope

Saw you walkin' on a backstreet honey
Tryin' to slip away
Did you find someone to take your money
And did it make your day
Take a lesson from someone who's been there
There are lots of roads that lead you nowhere

I can see it in your blank stare baby
Someone's done you in
Everybody hits the hard truth some time
It's your time again
So you're lonesome and the night's approachin'
Honey this is where the tough get goin'

Welcome to the tightrope
Between memory and pain
Welcome to the tightrope
Between the freedom and the chain
Welcome to the tightrope
Stretched high above the street
Welcome to the tightrope
It's right beneath your feet

Once you learn to balance truth and sorrow
You can worry about the rest tomorrow

Up there on the tightrope
Oh it's a tightrope
You're walkin' on a tightrope

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