Paroles How 'Bout It de Bobby Valentino

Bobby Valentino
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  • Artiste: Bobby Valentino4115
  • Chanson: How 'Bout It
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Textes et Paroles de How 'Bout It

Girl i just wanna talk to you just wanna talk to you
Aw yeah aw yeah
Girl i just wanna talk to you just wanna talk to you
Yea yea yea

When we rock rock rock we rock right and
When we rock rock rock we rock right...

[verse 1:]
Lately i've been thinking to myself this playing around aint really good for my health
Gettin off the phone with keisha and rhonda hookin up with sherry and tanya
It's too many girls just to keep up with
I know you heard about me cuz the street be talking but ima changed man and im ready to settle down girl
I wanna be the man that you run to
Im everything that you need just let me show you

I wanna get with you baby
Hold up dont be in a rush girl
Girl i just wanna talk to you
And you know its official baby
Gotta be more than a crush
You got me trippin off the things you do
Ima prove it right here to you girl
With the truth be like give me a chance i know
I ima show you right girl there aint no
Doubt about it girl what u need i got it so what u say how bout it how bout it how bout it

[verse 2:]
Now that i got your attention im aint tryna let this moment simply pass us by
And if i forgot to mention the way you light up the room i love it everytime you smile
What you know about one plus one equals me and you situations get sticky
Baby i got to hold it down i'll always be around girl im everything you need girl u gotta let me show you


Girl i just wanna talk to you just wanna talk to you
Girl i just wanna talk to you just wanna talk to you
Girl i just wanna talk to you just wanna talk to you
Lets make it official
I wanna get with you
Baby can i talk to you


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