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Body Count
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  • Chanson: Dirty Bombs
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Textes et Paroles de Dirty Bombs

It's on, no time, no hope, no chance,
Run with your family, they're coming to kill.
They hate us, they want us all dead,
They say that the white man is evil,
It's all Allah's will.
I heard it on TV!
The news man he scared me,
He said their here with us,
We're all gonna die.
He's spreading the terror.
But they're all called terrorists,
The news sells the fear even if it's a lie!

Run for your life! Dirty bomb! No one is safe!
Anthrax attack! No one will survive!
Run for your life! Dirty bomb! No one is safe!
Anthrax attack! No one will survive!
Terror! Terror! Terror! Terror!
Get ready, gas masks, join up, fight back,
Kill them before they can get here to kill us.
Suicide bombers, they're coming,
They said it, I read it!
They don't care they'll die for their God.
I know it's the truth, the news man on TV said
They're not even Christians,


I don't wanna die. I don't wanna die.
Terror! Terror! Terror! Terror!

[TV announcer:]
"Good evening welcome to channel 4 news.
Attention! Beware of all Middle Eastern people.
They could possibly be terrorists!
Be very afraid of them"
I wanna live forever I don't wanna die
Run for your life! Dirty bomb! No one is safe!
Anthrax attack! No one will survive!

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