Paroles Fnck You Dj de Bogdan Raczynski

Bogdan Raczynski
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  • Artiste: Bogdan Raczynski25172
  • Chanson: Fnck You Dj
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Textes et Paroles de Fnck You Dj

dont even fucking try and mix in another track
ahh shit you fuck dont even tell me you're trying to beatmatch
you fucking dick
fuck you dj
you dj shit
piece of shit cunt twat fuck
good for nothing dickwack
fuck off
eat shit you piss
disrespecting my track you fuck
you wish you had this much fucking technique you (shit)
your fucking grandma could probably make better beats than you, you shit
you lazy ass dj shit
my dog can make fucking better tracks than you, you shit
and i dont even have a fucking dog
so why dont you go fuck off you shit

don't try to be all tough ass
fucking pony-style
why dont you go back to playin that mc hammer shit you fuck

ahh shit, you fuck
don't even try to tell me you're trying to beatmatch
oh you fucking dick, disrespecting my track you fuck
you wish you had this much fucking technique you shit

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