Paroles Novocaine de Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi
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  • Chanson: Novocaine
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Textes et Paroles de Novocaine

You can take back all your secrets
We'll divide up all the lies
Keep all the pictures in their frames
Cut me out, yeah I'll be fine
Tell the neighbours all my feelings
Go on and give away all my pride
It's hard to laugh and cry, live and die every night

Keep your rolodex of friends
And all the remnants can be mind
I guess there'll be no happy endings
When once upon is doing time
There's a different kind of meaning now
To living on a prayer
Some don't seem to notice
And the rest don't seem to care

I tell myself I (feel no pain)
But I'm feeling the pain (walk away)
Can't walk away
I'm hanging on the ropes of hope
It's getting hard to cope you know
When you're the needle running
through my veins
I've changed my name to novocaine

You put my favorite belongings in a box in the garage (let's get this straight)
You burned my favorite sweats from high school
Tried to sell my muscle car (that's not OK)
You're mother's gonna visit for a couple months this year
They say you do the crime, you do the time
It's all so clear


Well things ain't what they used to be
It's a sleepless, self-help century
I'm up to here with Dr. Phil and the modern man in me

[Chorus x2]

Novocaine [x3]

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