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  • Chanson: She's a mystery
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Textes et Paroles de She's a mystery

She won't let me buy her jewelry
She don't want things that she can keep
She wears wild flowers in her hair
Then throws them to the sea
She's the beginning and the end of me but
She's a mystery
My most beautiful regret
I will never understand her
She's a mystery
I still don't know what to call her
She says that words don't mean a thing
She changes her name every day
And lies all the time
I feel lucky to call her mine but
She's a mystery
My most beautiful regret
I will never understand her
She's a mystery
The only promise I can keep
Even in my dreams she ruins me
She's anything in the world
That you cannot explain
But when she throws me a smile
It's like fire in the rain but
Repeat chorus
She's a mystery
There's no defense
It's innocence
But she won't let you see
'Cause she's a mystery

2000  "Crush" © Mercury

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